Episode 2

Home Care Now & In The Future - COVID-19 Edition

On this week's #TeaWithTobi☕️ we speak to Barnet Carers' CEO @Michael Rich about the data from a recent carer survey they conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike share's his thoughts on the implications the data will have on #homecare (and #carehome) businesses as well as some of the things his company are doing to combat the issues.

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Barnet Carers' Survey -

Special thanks to our season sponsor The Access Group:
The Access Group is the largest supplier of software to social care providers in the UK. Over 8000 care settings use Access’ integrated, comprehensive systems to deliver safer, higher quality care with greater efficiency. Access’ systems for care providers range from scheduling and rostering, eMAR and medication management, electronic care records, care delivery, risk and governance, recruitment and much more.https://www.theaccessgroup.com/care-management/

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Tobi Ali-Usman is the founder of Smooth Digital and host of the care home podcast Tea With Tobi. Tobi graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BA Honours degree in Business & Digital Media. He worked his way up to become head up the Health Care Division at a global advertising company in the UK, growing his passion for online marketing in the healthcare space.

In 2016, Tobi became the Founder of specialist care sector focused online marketing agency, Smooth Digital, where he currently holds the position of Marketing Strategy Director. In 2020, Tobi launched his own Podcast, Tea with Tobi, the show that shines a light on the care sector, and helps businesses, staff, and care workers provide the best care.